Discover basque culture in our tours

BASQUE: The Basque are an ethnic group who primarily inhabit an area traditionally known as the Basque Country, and are known as Euskaldunak in Basque (this ethnonym means "the speakers of the Basque language"),that is, like ourselves: Mikel, Inma, Ainhoa and Kepa.

COOL: In the 20s of last century jazz saxophonist Lester Young began using the word "cool" for the first time in a concert that gave New York as his lyrics hose. Today its use has been standardized and is used as an expression of acceptance and admiration.

TOUR: This word comes from the french tour and means a journey in which you visit several places for pleasure, in order to come back to the starting point.

We played with these words to name our project. We organize nice tours (cool tour) to show you our culture (Basque culture): Basque Cooltour .

We want you to come to know our customs and our culture from its roots, we know them better than anyone.

Because there are also a lot of things to do out of Donostia-San Sebastian.

Idiazabal Cheese Tour

Learn all about Idiazabal cheese in our ADARRAZPI sheep farm


Whatever you choose, live the BASQUE COOLTOUR Experience!

At the foot of Mount Adarra, surrounded by nature with splendid views, we explain how is made the IDIAZABAL CHEESE on the tour of the ADARRAZPI sheep farm.

The CIDER and the "txotx" ritual of Cider House are another reasons to visit us. Experience the cider in the Cider Museum (Sagardoetxea), the only Basque museum dedicated to this delicious drink .

Then you can combine the cider experience with a lot of activities. If you like the Sea your choice must be the tour of the AQUARIUM museum (in San Sebastian) or the MATER museum (in Pasaia). Both also include a boat trip. If you prefer the Mountain, you will enjoy the excursion to a magic and mystic land, the ARALAR Natural Park tour, where we enter into the territory which can be considered as the ancient source from where has imbibed the Basque culture. For a more relaxed plan we suggest the Basque traditional markets tour. The market of Ordizia, for example, is the oldest in Gipuzkoa and has been held continuously every Wednesday since 1512. Enjoy it in a pleasant and fun atmosphere. And for a sport experience, try the Basque rural sports tour, known as Herri Kirolak in Basque. Basque sports are a number of sports competitions rooted in the traditional lifestyles of the Basque people. They are really espectacular!

Rural tourism, guided tours, day and half day tours, getaways, the Idiazábal cheese, cider houses, Farm-to-table, Slow food … and more!

Cider House Tour

Includes entrance ticket to the Cider House Museum of Astigarraga and a wonderful meal in a tipical cider house


White Txakoli wine

Visit INAZIO URRUZOLA white txakoli wine cellar with Denomination of Origin of Getaria


Aralar Natural Park

A walk trough the Aralar Natural Park and a traditional meal in a small mountain village


“Euskal Txerri” – Cured Acorn Ham

Discover the basque cured acorn ham and the history of the Urdapilleta family



Guided visit to the cities of BIARRITZ and SAINT JEAN DE LUZ


Basque Sports

The most important basque sports exhibition and championships


The Cider and the Sea

Guided visit to the AQUARIUM / MATER museum, sail on a boat and a traditional meal in a Cider House


Basque Markets

Visit and discover the most traditional markets of the Basque Conutry



Donostia-San Sebastian: Old Town guided visit + Pintxo Tour