“Euskal Txerri” Jamón de bellota – Cured Acorn Ham

There are three breeds of pig that have their origin in the Basque Country, which are the Euskal Txerri, the Chato Vitoriano and the Baztanese, and among them only the Euskal Txerri still survives. Discover a magical place in this tour, where a family is preserving this breed, learn all about the history of how they are making this possible. We will see the pigs grazing free in an amazing lanscape, and they will teach us how to prepare delicious sausages such as Jamón de Bellota, palette, loin, cured sausage, fresh sausage, the salami, the sausage, the Lukainka (artisan sausage), marinated bacon...
An unforgettable experience!

Pello Urdapilleta raises his Euskal Txerri pigs in his farm ELOLA, in a village called Bidania


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240 /4 person


  • "Urdapilleta" Jamón de Bellota - Cured Acorn Ham. Euskal Txerri, caserío ELOLA
  • Guided visit
  • A walk through the lands where the pigs graze freely.
  • Urdapilleta family history. A name always linked to the Euskal Txerri breed.
  • We will learn how they elaborate their hams.
  • Tasting: Acorn cured ham, chorizo, salami and loin. Txakoli to drink.
  • Private transportation FREE - 9 seater vehicle

Duration: 3h aprox

DEPARTURE: "Estación del Norte" TRAIN STATION of Donostia-San Sebastian


MAX. 8 people MIN. 4 people
For larger groups please contact us.