Basque Sports

Basque Rural Sport called those that have been practiced since time immemorial in the Basque Country. Many of them are unique and specific to our land. Most derived from daily work in the villages , practiced as a pastime and amusement of the people of the rural world. Over time, these works became a sport.

The term "Herri kirol" (Rural Sports in English ) is quite modern , in the Northern Basque Country is called " indar joko " (Game of force). The Basque Government established in its Strategic Plan 2006 that sports considered " Herri Kirol " were 18 , and the "brand" that is unlike the rest H18K:

1. Trunk cutters 2 . Mowing 3 . Stone lifting 4 . Tug of war (Sokatira) 5. Strength tests for men / women 6. Dragging stones with horses. 7. Dragging stones with bulls 8. Dragging stones with donkeys 9. Lifting bales of grass 10. Launch of bales 11. Collecting corn cobs peeled 12. Sawing 13. Race of bags 14 . Test force carriage 15 . Lifting of anvil 16 . Test force weight ( Txinga ) . 17 . Test force cup 18 . Rock Drilling

Besides these 18, there are other Rural Sports sometimes also considered "Herri Kirol":

Game of rams / Bucks game / Goose Game / Sheep dog contest / Bowling / Fishing boat regttas / Cockfighting / Lever launch / Pickup apple / Toca.

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